02 December 2011

happy december

The red stones are self-arisen Shiva lingums, aniconic stones that live in the streets and courtyards all over the city and are worshipped daily. They are my favorite objects in this land, although I flew over one at highspeed in the dark peddling home, I don't know what hurt more: my skinned shins or my pride..as the dark air erupted with teenage laughter.
The other images are: radishes and citrus in the morning markets, men eating in the building next door to my apartment, motorcycling outside the valley, a child in the traditional cloth of the Bhinsengaar caste ( the family name in my neighborhood), citrus harvest in my hallway.

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  1. Isan, I am so excited to have learned how to read your blog through your mothers guidance. I love you so much and will look soon.