16 March 2012

D r e a m.

In the mountains, the high treeless glaciating country, where everything is blue, black and clear. I am hurrying along trying to make it to a road to find a bus back to Kathmandu. Coming up and over a lateral moraine I stop, an enormous creature the size and color of the boulders is moving about the smoke colored glacier rubble. The cracked and shifting body is shocking in size and yet exhilaratingly familiar. The ridged spine, multiple nose horns and beaked mouth all make sense! This is where THEY have been! Right here in this Himalayan glacial melt valley, hidden among the sharp flecks of growing mountains living off of what? lichen? stones? I looked around and there they are: The Great Creatures of all our childhood dreaming. Slowly lumbering around the stones; horns, tails, beaks all cutting angles into the bright cold sky. Looking back toward the peak I have just come from, I spot a streak of ice-white Sabertooths lounging, slowly tilting their monumental heads this way and that in the thin gusting air, the canines splitting the sun into a million beams. Behind them snow is blowing in big ghost-like patterns off the tips of the mountains. I kneel down, overwhelmed with the joy one feels in dreams where you realize that a deceased loved one didn’t actually die but just had a changed address and you feel so relieved and excited that there was actually no loss after all, no grief, just a misplaced address, phone number. And now you know; you can call anytime. So friends, this is Planet Dinosauria letting you know it was just a change of address.


  1. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Wow what a sighting. Love your photo of this creature!

  2. I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND THEM!! Of course they would be there, surviving on their pinnacle of rock together, eating their lichens. What a relief!